About Us

We are an informative site which provides you with stories. We hope that these stories will help provoke thought and get you to take a look at your life.  We know that it’s hard to get help sometimes and this can be due to all different types of stigma in the world.

One thing that will help you talk to somebody about their drug use or your own drug use is having stories to help bring up the topic. For example, if your friend is dealing drugs out the back of your workplace, bring up one of our stories on here.

Start to talk about the possibility of sobriety and everything that it can really do for someone. It can be the difference of going to jail for 60 years and running into someone or living a happy life with kids and a great job.

There are resources to help everyone no matter what stage they come into the journey for sobriety. You deserve to give yourself and your loved one another chance at life. Heroin is killing far too many people.

We want to see the opioid epidemic end and people regain their lives. We do think that it is possible and will keep fighting and posting stories until it happens.

You can always let us know if you have any stories that would work for our site or want any other topics covered.