Heroin Causes Intoxication That Leads To Car Crash

If you’ve been listening to the news, lately you know of all the drug and alcohol-related accidents that are happening.

Another occurrence of driving under the influence occurred recently where a man got his 4th arrest involving driving under the influence.

The man is Dustin Teubert from Janesville. Teubert is 37 and has faced many charges in the past before these four intoxication charges. Teubert was charged this time with over three counts of leaving when there were a bail and a drug-induced hit and run.

At the intersection of the streets Milwaukee and Main there was what witnesses said a loud car crash. The police in Janesville came to the accident and figured out what happened. The people that were able to see the crash said one of the cars was seen veering around in traffic and speeding.

The two victims in the car were a daughter and her mom; they had been getting ready to go for a drive when the man, Teubert, ran into them. After arriving in the accident and hitting the mom and daughter, Teubert went to get away and hit another car that was parked.

The police took the witness statement and found Teubert recovering from his accident at his house. They suspected he was intoxicated so took a blood alcohol content test but there was nothing that came up.

Eventually after questioning Teubert kept falling asleep and he had to tell the police that he ran into the cars and fled because he was high on heroin. He had injected the drug right before going out.

The police arrested him, and he will be facing a few charges now. The chances don’t look too promising. You can see how powerful drug heroin is from this story. We don’t want you to end up like Dustin. The thing to understand here is how much this drug can affect your coordination and reasoning skills.

Think about what could happen to you or someone you love if you let heroin ruin your life to the point that you can’t drive without falling asleep and nearly killing a mother and her daughter. You can get help now using resources like these. Don’t hesitate to find help because all it takes is one time and your life can be ruined.

We want you to think about this story next time you see or know someone is getting high, remind them what can happen if you overdose on heroin.


Author: Mario Cook