Heroin Group Unsure About What The Future Holds

The Heroin Coalition that is based out of Hamilton County recently sent out a Heroin Crisis statement. The statement includes the coalitions efforts to stop the number of overdoses from growing.

One of the coalition members, Lakhshmi Sammarco, has noted that there has been a lot done by the coalition to help the problem of heroin, and it has all been very quick.

Sammarco mentioned that if her county was able to get results than it should be possible to use the same efforts across the nation and lower the number of overdoses.

In Hamilton County, the number of overdoses lessened in 2018 from 2017. The number of deaths in 2018 for Hamilton County was over 400; in 2017 it was almost 600. This is a significant drop in overdoses in just a year.

One of the things leading to these declining states is the fact that there are more and more mobile care teams that are getting addicts the help that they need. There are also different types of diversion from jail and getting people into programs that actually help them and teach them new skills.

Denise Driehaus of the coalition mentioned there is a new diversion opportunity for people this year that helps people stay out of the jailhouse and get into rehabilitation programs. Counties across the nation realize that over jailing people is not the answer to our crisis.

While these happenings seem positive, there are also people like the police chief that remain a little bit pessimistic and say that it would be better if everywhere had a coalition. If the changes were on a federal level, it would be a lot more meaningful.

The money for the coalition comes from grants, which makes it hard to have them everywhere, but it is a possibility. The opioid epidemic was, and many say it is at its highest point. We believe that if enough people get together and make sure that medical staff is trained, there are response teams, and people are cautious about the drugs they take, that the end can be near.

If you or someone you know has a problem with opioids it is important that you get help, don’t be afraid of going to jail for something. Instead, remember that there are programs that will help you better your life.You can check out some resources like this on how to help a loved one if they are facing arrest or are an addict.


Author: Mario Cook