Heroin Is Taking Lives And Friends

Can you imagine getting a call from a random number and receiving the message that your best friend has died? It’s extremely tragic.

This is what happened recently to someone that lost a friend to heroin recently.

The friend has described what it is like to receive a call like that…

She said that it was if time had stopped. The world was still moving, but she could not go on with her life. Everything was silent, her best friend was no longer with her, and it was because of heroin.

The deadly drug that is claiming more and more lives as it pulls victims into its web. Of her friend she lost to heroin, she says that she was intelligent and pretty. They were pretty much like sisters. She had red hair and had an amazing laugh. She was always in a good mood.

She had a lot of passion for her life and had a lot of great things going for her. She had tons of friends and plans for what she wanted to do as she grew up. Always talking to new people.

That is when heroin came into the picture. At first, she says her friend was doing the drug for fun. Only sometimes, which we all have come to know is not possible.

She recalls that after her friend did heroin, her spirit started to fade. Her personality was altered from the use of heroin, and she wasn’t very helpful anymore. She was a lot less sharp.

Next to go was her infectious laugh. Heroin has a way of doing that to people, unfortunately. It makes people think that sobriety is a long impossible way away.

It kills your soul and breaks you and shatters you. She says she saw that her friend had tried to get rid of the demon that heroin is but in the end she was killed by the drug.

This is the tragic story that many people are telling about heroin as time goes on. If you or someone you know is using drugs like heroin, get help now. You don’t want it to take one of your friends.

It’s not an experience you want you have. You can get your friend help while they are in sobriety and make sure that they don’t relapse, many times when people relapse they will die from overdose very shortly after.

It might be an awkward conversation in the start, but there are resources where you can learn to bring up the topic. You are not alone.


Author: Mario Cook