Heroin Overdose Takes Another Victim In York

The heroin epidemic won’t stop taking victims and taking them away from their families.

Day after day there is another tragic overdose. What would you do if your son or daughter overdosed on heroin or a similar drug?

We want you to see these stories so that if you recognize any of the stories that you take a look at your own life.

A recent story that we have comes from a long time fight against heroin. A mother, Jamie Minnich, had been helping her son tirelessly try to get rid of his heroin addiction. She was on his every move in fact.

He updated her when he went to go see friends, or if he was home. She always knew where he was. She was always scared that her son would lose the battle to heroin.

It was basically like waiting for the worst phone call in the world. She says it was usually from the law enforcement side or hospitals if it involved her son.  This is why she would get worried if he even slept too much without talking to her.

She was always scared that one time he would sleep for too long and die because of the drugs.  He had been clean for over 6 years and then he went to a recovery house. The recovery house was called Pacific Palms in California.

He had always wanted to live in LA and after moving there received tainted drugs, the mother is trying to see if his laptops will lead to an investigation. She says that in the start his drug use was light stuff like marijuana. This goes to show that drug use in your teen years can lead to catastrophic events.

It is essential that if you know a young person who is addicted to drugs that you can help them as soon as possible. You don’t want them to get too far into the addiction and spend the rest of their lives battling the drug.

It is very sad what happened to her son, she will have to grieve with the truth that her son is dead from drugs. If you are a parent you can help your loved one by checking them into rehab and helping them as much as you can. Provide support and let them know that you are there to help them in their journey to recovery.


Author: Mario Cook