Man May Get Sixty Years For Dealing Heroin

Man May Get Sixty Years For Dealing with Heroin

Heroin is getting more and more severe over the years. The crimes are getting deadlier because drugs are being with unknown substances and killing people faster than ever before.

In the news recently was a man, Michael Lewis, from Kenton County. He is facing 60 years for selling the drug heroin. It is no joke, and not something the jury is messing around with clearly. They know the dangers. It only took them less than half an hour, and they found Lewis to be guilty.  Michael is 38 years old. The jury found him guilty of most of the crimes he was being charged with.

The crimes against Micahel Lewis were trafficking of illegal controlled substances, and they let him off on one count that they could not see. Lewis was initially brought before the jury after being arrested when police were able to see a video of him clearly selling heroin.

The 60 years that Lewis is facing is from each of the counts that he was found guilty on. Each one has 20 years so if the jury got what they want he would not be able to see the light of day until he is 98!

Though Attorneys say that he could get parole after awhile for good behavior. The reason that the jury gave him such a heavy sentence is because of the overwhelming number of overdoses that are happening. It’s almost like selling heroin is similar to committing murder. There are so many overdoses from tainted pills.

The videos that were used against the man were taken from an undercover cop. There were 4 videos him selling the drugs, but in one of them, you couldn’t clearly see that it was him even though it was his apartment. That is the count that he got off on but would have had him at 80 years.

If someone you love has a problem with dealing drugs we urge you to share the story of Lewis. Juries are not feeling sympathetic and giving out lenient sentences. They are enforcing the full maximum power of the law and inflicting large sentences. You can get help with resources like this, and learn new ways to get sober and clean.

You don’t want to live the rest of your life dying in a prison cell. Get out of the trap of the heroin; don’t let it consume you or someone you love.


Author: Mario Cook