Restaurant Worker Caught Selling Heroin

Imagine if your favorite restaurant had someone that was handling and selling fentanyl and other dangerous drugs in the back.

Would you go back?

There was a man, Luis Pavao, found guilty recently of selling fentanyl, the police learned that he was dealing the drugs behind what’s known as the Modern Snack, this is what the papers say.

An undercover cop that told the police he had seen him many times behind the restaurant waiting to get a call caught Luis. When he got a call, he would walk out and sell the drugs, even if it was close to the restaurant. Sometimes Pavao would also go back to a dead end if he were trying to be more private.

The police were able to find out that Pavao was buying the drugs in Providence, and selling it to people in a different town.

The dietetic was dressed in regular clothes and was on the Vice Unit. He had gotten information about The Snack Bar and started to watch the area.

Most recently the police say the saw Pavao get into a car and the police went to question the driver. The driver said he would drive to get the drugs for him, and in exchange, he would receive free drugs, but this was all after the police had to follow the car.

The cops were not able to follow the car at first but later caught it again driving through a new town. The car was followed and seen back at the Snack Bar. Both the driver and Pavao were unaware at the time.

The detective was walking his dog past the car and was able to see Pavao place the drugs into his pocket. This is when the officers went into the restaurant and grabbed at a bulge that was the narcotics Pavao had gotten.

Pavao had gotten fentanyl as well as other drugs; he was arrested and will have no bail.

If this story sounds like something you have been involved in, there is help for you. You don’t want to end up like Pavao and get undercover cops on you.

There is a lot of help there for you if you are dealing or just using drugs. These drugs are deadly and can cause you a lot of prison time. Your freedom is taken away, and it destroys your family and work-life.

It’s not worth the risk.


Author: Mario Cook