Smoking Heroin: What are the Dangers? 

Smoking Heroin

As you may know, heroin is the most well-known drug in the world. It is an opioid that is made from morphine. Morphine is used to relieve pain in those with severe injuries. However, those who use this medication will often seek more pleasure once their prescription is gone, or they have developed a tolerance. 

Abusing Heroin 

Heroin is generally a powder that will be white or brown. However, it can also be black and sticky. This is known as black tar heroin. Heroin is used because of the initial feeling that users will notice. This is known as a rush. It is an intense feeling that the person will try to recreate after each use. However, using this drug over and over will not create the same experience. 

Many people will abuse heroin. There are many ways that you can ingest or take heroin. The most common method is injecting; however, you can smoke it or snort it. Heroin will come in powder form. How to smoke powder heroin is a common question many people will ask. Many people will resort to smoking heroin on the foil. This will allow the drug to heat up and turn into a vapor that can be inhaled. 

Many people believe that smoking heroin doesn’t cause problems with addiction, like injecting it. It is also a common misconception that smoking black tar heroin will not cause the same effects as smoking powder heroin. Black tar heroin is just as potent, and smoking more of black tar heroin could cause someone to overdose. 

Effects on the Body 

As stated, most people are drawn to the rush. Heroin is known for making people feel like the world around them has slowed down. Many people will also feel like they are sleepy as well. It is common for someone to have pupil constriction as well. This is when the pupils become smaller due to drug use. 

The effects of heroin are only felt for about fifteen minutes. However, the longer-lasting effects could last for a few hours. The few hours after the rush is known as on the nod. This is when someone is drowsy and could be unresponsive. Keep in mind that not all effects are pleasurable. People could experience mental functioning that has been dulled. This can cause breathing to slow. It could even cause breathing to slow to dangerous levels. There are many cases where people have died due to respiratory failure because they have consumed heroin. This is why heroin is so dangerous. 

Some abusers will experience vomiting and nausea as well as itching. They may experience such bad itching that they will scratch themselves raw. Plus, those who abuse the drug will also be very malnourished due to the fact that their appetite is severely depressed. 

As you see, the side effects are not great. However, these side effects are not enough to deter someone away who have become addicted. Most people cannot stop the use of heroin without some type of medical help and intervention.

Author: Mario Cook