State Prison For A Man Caught With Heroin And Fentanyl Pills

The drug epidemic is in full swing; people are getting arrested every day on charges of selling fentanyl, and especially tainted pills.

A recent story of someone selling these pills occurred in Hampden County.

The police got a call that there would be someone from Berkshire County going to another town to purchase heroin and fentanyl.

With this information, the police were able to track the person buying the drugs. After a few moments, the man stepped out of the car, and someone else pulled up. That man was Sanchez-Martinez. Martinez was holding a bag of heroin and fentanyl.

When they raided the house, they found over 2000 bags of the drugs Martinez had when he sold to the man.

Martinez went before the judge and admitted guilt. He said he was going to sell the fentanyl and heroin mixed pills. He had somewhere between 30 and 100 or so grams according to the police records. Since Martinez please guilty, he got his charges lessened; he faced up to 7 years for the pills.

The Court allowed Martinez to get off with 3.5 years, half the time he would have gotten due to his deal. Martinez had no other charges before this, though the crime of selling pills like fentanyl is extremely serious.

Martinez will be serving his time in a correctional center in Hampden County, his team tried to fight for probation, but they did not win.

The story of Martinez is meant to show you two things. One is that dealing with drugs like fentanyl and heroin is risky, you can get a lot of jail time. And we think he got off very easy. It was his first time. If you are someone you know is having a problem with dealing drugs don’t let them get in trouble again. There are ways to get out of selling drugs, even though it is difficult.

The other message to take from this story is that if you or someone you know is facing legal troubles, it’s often better to make a plea deal and take some time to work on sobriety. Admit what you have done, and know that it is possible to change. You can use resources like this one to help you figure out the next steps in your life.

Share this story with a loved one and make sure they don’t end up in the shoes of Martin.


Author: Mario Cook