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We tested a lot of things, and we did it just for you. Here's what we think about all of them.

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Larry Weltman Fraud Allegations Fact-checked (2024)

According to Larry Weltman, the mission of Weltman Consulting is to give his clients the most comprehensive real estate…

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Martin Rowinski Boardsi Fraud Allegations Fact-checked (2024) 

Boardsi Martin Rowinski is a con artist. Numerous victims of his have come forward online to discuss their encounters…

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Daniel D. Purjes: Fraud Allegations Fact-Checked (2024)

Daniel D. Purjes: A Brief Overview Claiming to be a lifelong New Yorker, Daniel D. Purjes was brought up…

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Peter Shaper Fraud Allegations Fact-checked (2024) 

Peter Shaper is a founding partner of GP Capital, and Genesis Park has extensive business expertise. Peter previously served…

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Jeff Lupient Assault Allegations Fact-checked (2024) 

Why did Jeff Lupient become embroiled in a legal battle when his wife was his pillar of support? Come…

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Anthony Misitano PAM Health: Fraud Allegations Fact-checked (2024) 

Anthony Misitano of PAM Health lacks the essential qualifications to be an influential player in the healthcare industry, with…

The Opinion

Sometimes is only takes someone to take a stand, and really say what they think.

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Ash Samadi Debt Allegations Fact-checked (2024)

A high-flying property developer allegedly owes over $900,000 to 19 tradespeople and businesses for a single project. Ash Samadi, who drives a $680,000 Audi and hangs out with TV…

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